Tribute for Vern Watts

Sid Kornelis, IBM SVL, IMS, retired:

Twenty-five years is a long time to be working together on the same product.  I think I first met Vern in some IMS planning meetings in Los Angeles in the late 60’s.  Fortunately for myself and IMS, Vern later joined the product. 

A few years ago Vern informed me in an e-mail that he had included my name as a reference regarding some consulting work he was involved in.  I happened to come across my response to that e-mail today.  My response to Vern was: “Occasionally I recall those years we worked together.  One thing I realize is that my time with IBM would never have been as rewarding if it were not for you there as the visionary but also with the persistence to follow through, put the pieces together and make them work.  You can give them my phone number....  I wish you the best in whatever venture you attempt, the start up has the best database consultant there is”.

Not only did the participation of Vern make all of our efforts more rewarding in multiple ways it also made it more enjoyable.  Vern had the vision and courage to undertake a task which I think was more difficult then we all expected and then with calm patience and persistence get it completed it in such manner that we could all be proud of the result.  In thinking about my time working on IMS, I am always thankful for the pleasant, cooperative talents of my compatriots, exemplified by my friend Vern.     

Sid Kornelis